What is my IP?

My IP Address is

My IP typeipv4
My IP CountryUnited States of America
Country CodeUS
My IP RegionVirginia
My IP CityAshburn
ISPAmazon Data Services NoVa
My IP Latitude39.039474487305
My IP Longitude-77.491806030273

When you connect to this website through the ipv6 protocol, we run an analysis to also display your ipv4 address. Indeed, a large part of the web is still operating under the old ipv4 protocol, and it is likely that your internet provider has also allocated an ipv4 address to you. According to our analysis, your ipv4 is:

IP Location data

Our IP Location data is provided by www.IP2Location.com. We support both ipv4 and ipv6 formats.

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Is my IP address static or dynamic?

When you visit this page, we store your IP in a cookie on your computer (we don't keep any information on our server).

During your next visit, we display your previous IP alongside with your current IP address.

If your IP address has changed, that means it is dynamic. If it has not changed, that means you MAY have a static IP. Allocation of your IP may vary depending on your internet provider.

If you turn off your computer and your router/wifi and your IP has not changed when you come back, there is a good chance it is static (fixed).

Even if having a static IP is not recommended anymore, it may be useful if you host websites or game servers on your computer.

Don't forget to hide your IP if you want to protect your privacy or just browse anonymously. This is notably recommended if you want to protect yourself from malicious people when you engage in sensitive activities (online banking, stock or bitcoin trading, social media).